Piper Chapman’s facial expressions just add to the brilliance that is Orange Is The New Black

You know, the interesting thing about the four of us is: we were great work friends. We loved coming to work, we loved seeing each other, we loved playing with each other, and we enjoyed each other thoroughly. We never, in the nine years that we worked together, really had a habit of being social friends. At the end of the work day, Jerry would go back to the writers’ room, Michael would go back to Mars or wherever, and Julia and I had families. Our children are almost the exact same age and we wanted to get home and be moms and dads. And we had other jobs.

So we never really shot a show on a Friday night and said, “Hey, let’s have dinner tomorrow.” So when the show ended, we had no history of being social friends. And we all kind of went very different ways. Jerry and Michael went to New York for a long time. I had a show, Julia had a show. We were doing different things. So we don’t see each other all that much.

But I’ve had several lunches and dinners with Julia. We email each other when things are happening. I’ve asked Jerry a dozen times to help me out on something, do a benefit for something, join me in a project. Every time it’s a yes. He’s done the same thing with me, the same thing with Michael. When we see each other, it’s always like no time has passed. The bond has not diminished at all. There’s no sense of “Oh, Julia, you’ve won a thousand Emmys.” (Laughs). It’s us, the four of us. And that’s a lovely feeling. But, no, you would not look at our day-to-day communication and think, “These guys are really close friends,”

” — Jason Alexander, on whether the Seinfeld gang stays in touch [X] (via annachlumsky)

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