if your girlfriend is cold, be a gentleman. put her in the oven for 40 minutes on 350. check often and serve plain or with white gravy

[Carrie Brownstein and Annie Clark pt. 2 (pt. 1)]

Reddit AMA: I would say you and carrie brownstein are on the top of my list of “people I want to hang out with the most”

Annie Clark: we are pretty fun.

  • person: you're blocking the view.
  • me: i am the view.


what is a sex drive where is the sex going does it even have a license

spencer appreciation week: day one

favorite quotes


I don’t like morning people or mornings or people

Sorry guys you’re going to get a lot of selfies and personal posts because I’m in the car for two hours and I’m going to be drinking

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Do doves exist in Australia? Because I swear I just saw some..